Collapsible and Portable Trash Bag Systems

The collapsible and portable trash bag systems are ideal for regional municipal to introduce to morning market (pasar pagi) or night market (pasar malam) for cleaniness program. These cost effective systems also serve as great temporary waste or recycle collector for special events such as sport games in stadium, exhibitions, school functions and etc.

You only require to use a standard or sturdy plastic or eco-friendly elastic waste/trash bag. When the collection is done, you can just transfer the trash in the bag to the center collection center. Then, you can just dismantle the trash bag holder system and store into a optional carrying case to save space. As an example, a total of 2500 litres of volume require only about 600mm x 500mm x 200mm(H) of storage space for the 10 of the 125 litres collapsible and portable trash bag systems.

Followings are the few types of COPO series of collapsible and portable trash bag systems: